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Daily Program

There are inspiring things to watch, timed group demonstrations, activities to 'have a go' and live music to keep you entertained.

Need more explanation - here it is:

An Official opening and Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony will be performed at the main stage by a Djaara representative at 10am on Saturday.  


Major demonstrations such as the Blacksmith Team Strike and Wheelwrights Hot Trying happen twice daily - once in the morning and once in the afternoon. We cannot be more specific as this is very much dependant in the weather, the heat and humidity and how hot the fires get - but that said they will be on a blackboard on each day and in the am and pm.


As for every other artisan trade listed on our Artisans Page - they will all be demonstrating their trades each day - some artisans demonstrate short 15 - 30 minute demonstrations each hour, others whose demonstrations may take up to an hour will demonstrate three to four times each day. 

You will see and experience all trades - and there is certainly enough things to watch for the entire weekend. If you actually visited every artisan, you would have less than 4 minutes with each one over the 7 our day. The bootmakers will be demonstrating boot and shoe making, artists will be painting and taking mini workshops, clay pots thrown on the wheel, spinners and weavers will have their wheels and looms and be demonstrating just how they spin and weave, lead lighting created, chair makers will have shave-horses and be shaving spindles, turners will have lathes going both days, soap will be made, candles dipped, sheep sheared, knives made, bells cast and stone walls built, pigments will be ground, denim jeans constructed, chairs upholstered, whips plaited, instruments made, keys cut, clocks assembled - all onsite - all on both days.






Running order TBC - January

Whip Cracking Demonstration

Spoon Carving Race

Little Tradies Activities

Whip Cracking Demonstration

Fly Fishing Rod Casting Demonstration

Heavy Horse Demos & Chaff Cutting


Running order TBC - January

Whip Cracking Demonstration

Traditional Tug-of-War

Blade Shearing (Traditional Sheep Shearing)

Little Tradies Activities

Heavy Horse Demos & Chaff Cutting

Fly Fishing Rod Casting Demonstration

Whip Cracking Demonstration

Demonstrations throughout each day


Over 100 individual artisan demonstrations each day including:

Blacksmiths Team Strike - Twice Daily

Wheelwights - Hot Wheel Tyring Demonstration - Twice Daily 

Cuttlefish Casting at Silversmiths, Bronze Bell Casting, Steambending, Stone Wall Building, 

Knife Forging, Clay Pot Wheel Throwing, Decorative Painting, Tailoring, Weaving, Leatherwork 

and Heavy Horse Machinery Demonstrations 

Little Tradies - things to do 

At the fenced arena - near the big marquee: 

Hobby Horse Race, Egg + Spoon Race, Potato Sack Race, Gum Boot Throw.  

All day long:

Wooden Toy making with Schloss Toys

Dip your own beeswax candles with Fiona the Candlestick Maker

Carriage Rides on the Cobb + Co Carriage  

Lost + Found - Lost Trades Treasure Hunt 

Download a program or map:

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we work. We pay our respect to their Elders past, present and emerging. 

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